Press Release  |  Jul 22, 2020

Released an app where Avatar travels around the world on your behalf

People around the world will carry your avatar
You carry avatars of people from all over the world

VAMOS(Spanish): Let's go

micware Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture, President and Chairman: Kenji Narushima, hereinafter "Micware")
On July 22, 2020, we will release VAMOS, a smartphone app that allows avatars to travel on behalf of users

Features of VAMOS

Avatar MIC travels around the world with the help of strangers

MIC continues hitchhiking one after another from smartphone to smartphone,
  and travels to the destination via many smartphones

・Many strangers will carry your MIC to your destination
  I carry many strangers' MICs

・You can make your destination anywhere in the world,
  so you can specify where you want to go
   and MIC will travel on your behalf
    then, MIC sends surprise and freshness one after another from the destination

Mutual Itinerant Companion
・A fairy who lives on a smartphone and looks like an animal when seen by people
・You can choose your favorite MIC from 20 types

What you can do with VAMOS

Offering "surprise" and "freshness" [free]

・Every time MIC hitchhikes, a commemorative photo of the place
  will be sent to your smartphone. It may be a rare photo

・The app will inform you of tourist spots and shops that you did not know

・You can send favorite places and recommended commemorative photos
  to MIC users who came to your smartphone

You can advertise your shop, tourist spots, etc. to the users of the app [pay, in-app purchase]

・Promote nearby stores to users who are using the app

・Promotion of sightseeing spots etc. to MIC users who have traveled from afar

・You can directly send information about your shop and events to people near you,
  and information about the attractions of tourist spots to people far away
   according to your positional relationship with users.


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micware Co., Ltd.
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Google Play Store
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Company profile

Company name
micware Co.,Ltd.
20F Kobe Crystal Tower 1-1-3 Higashi Kawasaki Town Chuo-ku Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 650-0044
March, 2003
480 million yen
Software development
Kenji Narushima


Company name
micware Co., Ltd.
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Intellectual property & public relations division