Corporate vision
micware's vision of the future


「Be There Be Now」

This is the goal we are aiming for.
By using IT technology, we want to take people outside and give support for
them to have more fun and satisfaction everyday.
In the Japanese society where the aging of the population continues,
it is expected that people go out less than ever in the coming years.
In particular, it is said that how to take middle-aged and elderly men outside,
who have enough money to spare, is the key to the promotion of tourism industry and various areas in Japan.
By providing information of unknown attractive spots and real-time seasonal
events according to the taste of each person, we will revitalize the motivation for people's "outing".
To revitalize Japan into an attractive country for many years to come,
people will need a handy tool that will guide them to their favorite place whenever they like.
All the services that we develop, like "naviAZ", "micAuto" and "Beatrip", are pierced by this thought.

Change navigation services from "B to B" to "B to C"

Our business began 15 years ago with the development of automotive audio systems and other vehicle systems.
Later, in 2009, we began developing car navigation systems,
and now we grew to be installed in over 600,000 cars annually sold by leading car manufacturers.
What we are aiming in the future is to change navigation services from "B to B" to "B to C" business.
We will not only develop in-vehicle systems in accordance with orders from client companies,
but also provide services on customized location information to meet the needs of each customer.
We regard this as our core business in the future.

Recommend potential destinations by reading
"the voice of mind"

"Because I am free this weekend, I'd like to go somewhere with my family."
Even the rapidly evolving internet search service will not answer such ambiguous requests.
Where can my family enjoy the most this weekend?
What would they most enjoy?
Every weekend, there are many people who have such concerns.
"AI Dynamic POI" that we are developing is aiming at realizing an "ultimate navigation" with which we would
propose attractive spots to the users even when they do not know where they should go.
In addition to "static" spot information based on conventional telephone directories and other resources,
we will provide “dynamic” information on "recommended destinations" suitable for each user’s taste,
by automatically analyzing word-of-mouth information on SNS and reviews on the internet.
The method for getting information for the users is changing from the search
based on the conventional "word search" to "soft search" based on "emotion".
We will try to innovate the tradition concept of “navigation."

Realize advanced driving support on the platform

Currently, automobile manufacturers and IT companies around the world are developing products at a rapid
speed to realize "automated driving vehicles". In the not far future,
it is certain that the era will come when many cars running on the road controlled by AI.
This is realized by the technology that enables the system to communicate with other cars, signals and people.
We are developing a system that integrates and controls the driver's seat meter
and navigation system on our platform for the coming future.
micware's technology will innovate people's "outing".