Business Brand


Software brand for automotive platform

The software brand "micAuto" for automotive platform is our core business.
We have been developing automotive networks using the latest technologies such as CAN, MOST,
and Ethernet for over 25 years with the manufacturer, Tier 1, and various OEMs.
These experiences, achievements, and long-standing findings are our strengths.

Towards the coming automated driving society

In recent years, automobile manufacturers around the world have been collecting information
automatically from surrounding circumstances,
and the development of "connected car" and "automatic driving car" which
AI autonomously manipulates is progressing rapidly.

In automated driving technology that requires the car to "perceive" and "judge" the external
situation automatically and to ultimately "maneuver" the car,
we need to create "cognition" data for the car to make the "judgment" and we are giving our support to this area.
Specifically, we will further develop various technologies such as higher precision map information,
pre-fetching of ITS, high-precision locator that guides the route for each lane,
V2X communicating with surrounding cars and signals, and peripheral situation analysis on the server side,
We will advance these technologies in a complex manner to achieve our goal.

Turning the driver seat into a "Glass Cockpit"

As IT automation of cars progresses, displays such as navigation
system and meter indicators are expected to integrate smoothly into the vehicle systems.
So, what we put up for a car in the near future is the concept of "Glass Cockpit".
"Glass Cockpit" does not use any analog instruments, and information of various meters,
navigation system and others are gathered and displayed on the windshield or somewhere else.

Voice of the
development staff

micAuto Company / Executive Vice President

Masahide Shigeno

We have been mass-producing in-vehicle software for about 25 years including the years of endeavors by our predecessor company. The knowledge and skills cultivated through the experience are supporting our core business micAuto. As an additional new technology, we are aiming to make driving more comfortable by connecting the automobile system with the cloud service in the "AI PROBE DATA platform" which is currently under development.