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"Location Information Service" for the next generation

We, micware, hold out "take people outside" as the basic concept of our service development,
and its business domains have applications for cloud technology and mobile application, focusing mainly on the software for automobiles.
"Beatrip" is our next-generation "location information service" brand, created by utilizing all the technologies we possess.
It can support everything, from walking to vehicles, and this can be said to be our greatest strength and advantage.

Application that meets the potential needs of users.

"Mountain Collector", which is used by mountain climbing fans all over Japan,
includes information of the best-known hundred mountains in Japan.
There is also "Mimamori (Monitoring) Garten" which enables only the parents
utilizing kindergartens / nursery schools to share photos, in consideration of privacy.
Applications developed by Beatrip, such as "G:O Hybrid Navi" for smart phones,
reflect the potential needs "This is the exactly app I want" of users.

Developing new services utilizing "Dynamic POI"

From now on, we will be collecting and analyzing real-time information of hot spots from SNS and Web reviews,
and will start services to provide information for users of hot spots and events that match to the area and time.
"Beatmap" that allows the user to find recommended spots from someone's everyday experience such as "Beautiful Night View"
or "Relaxing with family" is the forerunner of "Dynamic POI".
With this dynamic location information system, "Dynamic POI", we will give one-stop support from application
planning and development to sales offering. In addition, in view of the upcoming era of "MaaS (Mobility as a Service)",
which changes vehicles from "what we own" to "what we use", we envisage new services by utilizing the big data of location information
collected and analyzed by various applications.

  • Mountain Collector
  • Mountain Collector

    An application that enables the user to examine various mountains
    included in the best-known hundred mountains and record when
    he reaches the summit. Includes not only the best-known hundred
    mountains but also local mountains. This application can also be
    used to enjoy climbing the mountains with a goal to conquer all of them.

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  • Mimamori (Monitoring) Garten
  • Mimamori (Monitoring) Garten

    Photo sharing service for kindergartens, nursery schools and certified center for early childhood care. This application can easily and accurately convey everyday life of the children, with full of expression, in those facilities.

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  • iine forecast
  • iine forecast

    An application that allows AI to predict the "likes" of a instagram photo
    from the number of followers and images.

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  • Photo-Kura
  • Photo Cluster

    A photo sharing application that anyone can use easily. Ideal for sharing important memories with friends and family.

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