For the future where
all human movement is navigated

naviAZ is a car navigation software development brand that accounts for 15% of the market share in Japan.naviAZ has two big services. One is “naviAZHybrid” which can customize each function of the navigation system for each hardware unit.The other is "LifePF" which collects information from each in-vehicle device to a server and recommends information for individuals by AI technology.We are also focusing on developing products for global expansion.

For the reliable future driving

micAuto is an in-vehicular PF software developer brand that specializes in automotive networks. Utilizing our experience on acceleration of map information, ITS prefetching technology and sensing improvement, we will provide automated driving support by pushing forward with the development of a cockpit prototype that is combined with mobility sensing meters,navigation systems, and mobile devices (phones).

For the unprecedented beat of your heart
in your hands

Beatrip is an IP brand aiming to provide the next generation "location information service".From early conception to development and application,we support smart solutions to navigational information.

micware's vision of the future

Based on the catch,"Be There Be Now", micware keeps challenging to create a world where people want to go out voluntarily.We will utilize the technology cultivated in in-vehicle embedded development to pursue and provide unprecedented convenience, safety and happiness related to people and mobility.We will take you out to the micware's future.