2017 ITS World Congress

Micware exhibits current software technology and future navigation concept as exhibited in Melbourne 2016.
(Japan pavilion:Booth No.22)

Concept demonstration of Dynamic POI

Create a new and exciting navigation software
for the connected society


Micware exhibits a concept model of navigation software using not only static POIs (Point Of Interest), but also fresh dynamic POIs; extracted by machine learning system, based on Micware's experienced development for automotive systems.

New technology items

Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality

Micware exhibits concept model of new HMI using location based AR technology.
Mobile app uses AR-HMI and displays AR images at proper position on mobile screens by using relative lat/long comparition between app and AR images.
Application displays AR images on HUD (Head Up Display) by using embedded software running on cockpit system or headunit.
If app could obtain external dynamic data (such as V2X or traffic information), the app can show this information by using intuitive AR images.
AR SDK using location information will be released in 2018. (mobile and embedded)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality

Micware provides HMI validation system for cockpit system by using VR technology.
Using a virtual in-car environment, it is possible to evaluate and/or validate UI/UX with realtime and historical data and patterns. (e.g. V2X and traffic information)
Virtual in-vehicle environment makes it possible to design and build a customizable HMI interface.

Please directly contact to following email address if you want to know further detail of our products and exhibition technologies.

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