The 4th Fukuoka AI / IoT Festival
in SRP

Notice  |  2020.02.21

Overview of the The 4th Fukuoka AI / IoT Festival in SRP


Theme of the Congress

"Future created by digital transformatio

-FDX = Fukuoka x digital transformation-"

Date November 20(Wed), 2019
Venue Fukuoka SRP Cernter Building
Sponsor Fukuoka-city IoT Consortium

About the Exhibition Booth

We exhibited at "Fukuoka AI / IoT Festival" where companies using AI / IoT gather.
We exhibited micDrone™, BeatMap®, Sigfox IoT Solution, etc.
LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) provided by Sigfox in France uses the 0G (zero generation) standard,
unlike the 5G standard that enables high-capacity high-speed communication.
The 0G standard has four characteristics: low price, low power consumption,
long-distance propagation, and low-capacity data communication.
Micware partnerships with Sigfox and Kyocera to promote businesses
that utilize IoT sensor technology using the 0G standard both in Japan and overseas.