Press release  |  2017.12.22

Shobunsha realized the collaboration of
"mountain and highland map hodai" application and famous-mountain- specialized climbing stamp application "Yama(mountain)-kore"!

"Yama-kore" added a linkage function to "Mountain and highland map hodai" application,
and distribution of new collection has also started.


Collaboration plan between Mountain and highland Map Hodai,
a climbing map application operated by Shobunsha Publications, Inc. (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as "Shobunsha"),
a long-established map publisher known for road maps and travel guides,
and famous-mountain-specialized climbing stamp application "yama-kore" managed by a software
development company micware Co., Ltd. (Kobe city, Hyogo, hereinafter referred to as Micware) was announced.

"Mountain and highland Map Hodai" is an application with unlimited use
for 400 yen per month to provide users with the mountain climbing map known as the
"mountain and highland map" that can be said to be a standard for climbers boasting a long sales for over 50 years.
In yama-kore, we plan to deliver all 60 areas covered in "mountain and highland map" as a collection.
Also, we will release a new function that allows seamless access to the corresponding area of "Mountain and Highland Map Hodai".
The mountain and highland maps place much importance on practicality,
and climbers who who knows the mountain area very well actually climbs the mountains
every year for survey to provide accurate and most updated information.
The location of mountain huts and water fields, information on dangerous places and easy-to-get-lost places,
information on landmarks, and all kinds of information useful for climbers on the field are recorded.
"Mountain and Highland Map Hodai" application is able to display your
current location and route on its highly accurate map, and it is an indispensable item during climbing.

Cooperative function in ."Mountain and Highland Map Hodai" application was developed this time.
In the conventional ."Mountain and Highland Map Hodai" application,
there was no way but to scroll the map and find the mountaintop,
but it is now equipped with a function that allows you to display the map by coordinate
specification from an external application.
"Yama-kore" is the fist application from this collaboration project.
This makes it possible to display a map of the mountain top with a single
touch from the mountain information screen of "yama-kore".
Yama-kore specializes in pre-climbing survey, record management after climbing,
and this collaboration has been realized from the view that user's convenience will be enhanced.
Also, in the latest edition of the mountain kore released this time,
three collections "Rishiri-Rausu", "Niseko / Yotei mountain" and "Daisetsuyama" were added.

Along with this collaboration announcement,
Micware will also continue to consider methods that make Shobunsha's rich and fresh
mountain information more useful, and in the coming days,
we plan to install peripheral information functions to Yama-kore.
We will continue offering safe and secure mountaineering
life in the form of information provision to many users in the future.
Micware has realized collaboration planning in a continued fashion with Montbell Books.
Going forward, we will actively promote alliances strategies
so that we can provide services that will enhance user convenience.

Mountain and Highland Map Hodai Introduction

The publication "Mountain and Highland Map" is a climbing / hiking map
boasting a long seller of over 50 years.
To conduct surveys and to write about the mountains,
we have appointed climbers and mountaineering enthusiasts who deeply know each mountain area.
Every year, climbing information based on the actual survey by the author himself is posted.
We introduce about 1,500 mountains nationwide to 60 points in total.

"Mountain and Highland Map Hodai" is the smartphone application
version of this mountaineering map, with a monthly fee of 400 yen,
"All mountain and highland map" of all areas is provided for unlimited use.
We support your mountain climbing with functions that are not available on the paper map,
such as climbing planning can be created simply by selecting the points,
in addition to the present location display using GPS and the climbing route.


Application name
Mountain and Highland Map Hodai
Shobunsha Publishing, Inc.
400 yen / month (free for 7 days from initial download)
Delivery OS

Company profile

Company name
Shobunsha Co., Ltd.
3-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8238
May 31, 1960
10.141 billion yen
Map・Travel information provision business
Shigeo Kuroda

Introduction of Yama-kore

Over 50 popular mountaineering collections among the Famous Hundred Mountains in Japan
and abundant mountain information of more than 3,200 are recorded.
It is an application that allows you to "climb" a summit and keep a record with this collection.
It clarifies achievement degree with the climbing management function,
not only proposes a chance of mountain climbing, but it is an application useful
for planning climbing plans with abundant recorded information.


Application name
Delivery OS

Company profile

Company name
micware Co., Ltd..
20F Kobe Crystal Tower 1-1F Higashi Kawasaki Town Chuo-ku Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture 650-0044
March, 2003
99.7 million yen
Software development for cars
Kenji Narushima


Company name
micware Co., Ltd.
For inquiries
Person in charge
Implementation date
Friday, December 22, 2017